Thursday, May 17, 2012

Workout with the Lawn

So here are the top ten reasons why I chose to workout with my lawnmower than in the gym today.

1.  It was a gorgeous day.

Isn't there something about sunshine that just gets you going?  We had to stick around this morning since the bug guy was coming by.  We've had a family of ants move into the girls' room and I had already called someone when Scott found a handful of pretzels Rachel had been hiding under her bed.  (Of course, the bottomless pit would store food...does anyone else swear that their toddler has a tape worm?)  So, with the sun shining and my baby sleeping in his crib, we ventured outside.

2.  The grass needed cut.

Well there is a duh statement.  This weekend, it didn't need cut, but after having rained all day on Sunday, today the grass was looking a little shaggy.

3.  Today was just going to be a recovery cardio day anyway.

Which means the ellipitcal and the HGTV network for an hour.  I probably burned as many, if not more, outside hossing the lawnmower.

4.  It gave me the opportunity to sun my cheese.

In the course of a year, my MIL lost about 40-50 lbs and is really an inspiration to me.  I've been meaning to write about her journey and will do so when I'm fully recovered from my maternity leave...ha!  Anyway, before she lost her weight, I'd call her and she'd be sitting on the back porch of her beautiful home, "sunning her cheese," as she put it (referring to her cellulite as cottage cheese).  It's always made me giggle, and now that my deflated belly resembles just that, I shall use the term as well.  Feel free to steal it. 

We have a privacy fence (thank God), so I stripped down to my shorts and sports bra and went at it.

5.  I get to have a front row seat to my kids playing outside. 

We have a good size yard and the girls run crazy in it.  One of their biggest arguments is over who is going to be "it" in hide and in, they both want to be it.  Crazy kids.  Wasn't it just the opposite when you were growing up?  I know it was for us...  They are going to be WAY popular when they get old enough to have neighborhood kid bashes. 

These pictures were taken earlier this spring (obviously, since the apple tree was blooming and I'm obviously not coordinated enough to mow and snap pictures at the same time!)  

Those are blueberry bushes that were here when we moved in.  The girls like to pick off the small blueberry buds and throw them at each other.  I know...awesome. 

Here are our raised garden beds, before we planted them.  I'll snap an updated pic this weekend - they are going crazy!

Here is Rachel throwing dirt out of the raised garden bed.  You know, expensive dirt that you pay for in the store?

Her daddy always yells at her to pump her arms...

Contemplating life...

6.  Push mowing is a workout!

Legs, arms, core, it covered.  Our backyard is pretty flat but I think you could triple your workload if you had hills.

7.  A loud lawnmower drowns out a whiny two-year-old perfectly.

Nuff said.  It also works out if said two-year-old is potty training.  My poor

8.  I am able to take at least one thing off my husband's plate this weekend.

Don't you love being able to do that?  

9.  Two words you rarely hear as a parent:  instant gratification.  

I can look outside and see exactly what I did.  Ah...

10.  I got my belated mother's day gift from my oldest:

Upon sizing me up with no shirt on, she said, "Mama!  Your belly's getting smaller!" 

Enjoy your

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