Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's in a name?

Overheard this afternoon while I was nursing a baby...

Elizabeth (Pulling both panels of my living room curtains together in front of her and then opening them all at once in an exploding fashion):  Ta-dah!  My name is Deliah!  What is your name, Rachel?

Rachel (Scurrying off the potty, and ignoring my coaching to concentrate, she scooted bare-butt in front of her sister and closed the curtains in front of her.):  I'm Annie!  (Not me, mind you, but the character from Little Einsteins.)

Elizabeth (With curtain still pulled):  No, are (insert dramatic pause for effect)...Lipstick Jewelry!!!

Rachel (Throwing the curtains open):  Ta-dah!!!

Enjoy your Wednesday!  And yes, *sigh*, it is only Wednesday...

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