Friday, November 19, 2010


My baby is going to the potty!  All of a sudden, something clicked!  We put the potty in the living room and after a couple accidents, she got it!!  Elizabeth was so excited to wear the princess panties that Brenda got her - and I think they really helped because she didn't want to get the princesses wet.  This morning, she went to Bible study with no diaper (and a skirt, since we haven't worked with pulling pants down yet).  She stayed dry and came home and used the potty right away!

Some people read books, others color on the potty!

Why she is posed like a majorette, I have no idea.  But here is ERS in her princess panties.  And this is Rachel's "mom, why aren't you picking me up" face.  Lovely, huh?

When I pulled the camera out, Rachel was standing up, clawing at her sister.  Mama is too slow and she is on the move again.
We are so proud of our big girl and I think she is really proud too.  The first time she had success, she ran in and gave Rachel a huge hug, yelling, "Rachel, Rachel!  I pee-peed in the potty!!"  I wish I could have gotten that on video.  She was so happy to show her daddy too and we were both stunned last night when she poo-pooed on her own and came in to tell us.

Mom and Elizabeth, the day we brought her home from the hospital.

I have to admit, I was a little sad after she went to bed, realizing how much and how fast she's growing up.  I'm so glad that God makes this a gradual process.  My heart couldn't take it moving any faster.  She is talking more and more each day and even today, she told me that she needed to take a nap in the middle of our book and went and laid down in her bed.  I'm so thankful for this gift of being a mother, even during the "they drive me crazy" times.  Thank you for riding this potty training roller coaster with us.  I'll still keep you updated...and then, there will always be Rachel! 

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  1. Awww, Annie! I am so happy for you...and ERS!! Way to go!! Way to stick with it, hang in there, and get the job done! Me,...well, I have been a little more lackadaisical about potty training Jayna. Okay, just too lazy to get it done. But a million other things are always my excuse. So I am glad you and ERS are progressing, and I am so glad you share your thoughts about being a mommy. It makes me sad that Jayna is no longer a baby as well. By the way, majorette pose??? :) haha! I figure she'll be playing softball instead! ;)