Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Dreams...

It flew by and I wrote nothing.  

I didn't record my kids swimming.

I didn't write about our first trip to the ER.

I didn't tell you about our monster tomato plants or about how I was learning how to paint or my workout designed to get strong enough to do a pull-up.  (Which I can't do ANY!)

I didn't complain and I didn't rejoice. 

And now I'm kind of regretting it because I don't have record of our summer except for the piles of house renovations we were able to get through (and I'll share with you soon...woot!).  

Last week, we went to the beach and, while I didn't feel like I needed a vacation, once I set sights on the ocean, I knew I had been sadly mistaken.  We had perfect weather, stayed in a condo with a perfect walk-in pool, and made perfect memories.  

Me and the crazies!

After a few days, I found myself refreshed and ready to tackle the new season.  Running the beach, I felt so insignificant and thankful.  

Lord, look at all You've created and still you manage to bless my family and me.  Forgive me for all my selfishness and belly-aching and thank you for not only taking care of and knowing the individual needs of all the millions of fish in the sea but me also.

I told Scott that I felt like I was given a summer time New Years and returned home ready to get into our new preschool schedule and the final house remodeling. 

Oh, and writing.  :)

Speaking of which, this morning, I had the following conversation with Elizabeth as I was fixing her hair.

ERS:  Mom, if I were a mermaid, I WOULD NOT open my eyes under the ocean.
Me:  Well, Elizabeth, mermaids aren't real.  They're just pretend.
ERS:  No...I'm talking about MER-MAIDS.  The kind that swim in the ocean.  Do you think the water doesn't hurt their eyes??
Me:   They're not real.  They don't have eyes.  
ERS:  Ok, I don't think you know what I'm talking about...


Happy Wednesday!


  1. Awww! Annie! I love that you enjoyed your beach trip and I love that you feel refreshed and ready to begin another chapter (year) in this life. You are so beautiful, inside and outside. (Pic above proves the outside! The words above proves the inside!) You have the memories in your heart and that's what matters...though I do love reading your stories when you have time to take to share them. Happy (almost) Fall!

  2. Your conversation with Elizabeth sounds EXACTLY like one I might have with Chase! Glad you're back in the blogosphere - can't wait to hear about your adventures. And I need to hire you as a personal trainer - you look GREAT! :)