Friday, December 21, 2012

Conversations heard round the Christmas tree...

The girls, eating Christmas cookies at the kitchen island...

Rachel:  I'm going to go to my house.
Elizabeth:  You're so silly, Rachel.  You live at our house!  You are my sister and Jesus gave us sisters so we'd have each other.
Mommy:  *Contented sigh...*
Rachel:  No...I live in a rainbow house. 
Mommy:  *Forehead slap*

So...whatcha doin in there??

In the bath the other night...

Elizabeth:  Mom, if I were a mermaid, my name would be eyelash.

Don't worry about me, Mom!  I'm just going to check how clean this bathroom is...again...

How do your kids watch TV??

And my favorite...after a long day of not listening and wearing on my last nerve...
Elizabeth:  But Mom!!  I can't go on the naughty list!!  I made my bed!!

Happy Friday!

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