Friday, February 17, 2012

Sleep Parties

I'm not sure if I've told you that the girls' current favorite game is Sleep Party.  If I have, forgive my prego amnesia and consider the adorable pictures that follow as my apology.  

I have no idea the origin of this, but it's been going on for a little while and basically entails putting on pajamas, piling up pillows and blankets and pretend sleeping.  Sometimes they nest up in the closet, sometimes on our bed.  Although the best parties are, by far, on the days that I change sheets and they can wrangle up all the comforters and pillows at once.

Seriously, you would think we'd have zero issues getting them to go to bed, but so far the only rules I have gathered about sleep parties is that they don't count at night and certainly not in your own bed.

Here are a couple shots of parties around our house:

Back around Christmas time - this shin dig was held between the couch and footstool.

Sleep party among the laundry pile in mommy and daddy's room.

Rachel, reiterating that these boots were indeed made for walking.  This kid has a shoe fetish already - I fear her teenage years!

So, after experiencing these parties day in and day out, you can imagine our surprise when we went upstairs to check on them last night and found a real-life sleep party being held in their room.  Now, I have to let you know that this was directly behind their bedroom door and I couldn't squeeze my large belly in the room, so this picture was taken with my arm wrenched around, hoping I got both of them in the shot.  

Of course, I turned to mush watching my strong husband lift them individually and put them back in their beds - tucking them in with their individual dolls and blankets.  *sigh* 

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  1. That is so cute! I love the last picture...I can't believe they actually fell asleep on the floor...but hey, it's a Sleep Party! ;)