Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Run...Pack...Change Diaper...Repeat!


We are 3.5 weeks out from our move.  I have 25 million boxes to pack.  We just traveled a million miles with two small children to move furniture my grandparents graciously gave us. 

During the trip, the van got stuck one time in the mud at my parent's house.  Scott had to take 3 panels out of the elevator ceiling in my grandparent's condo to be able to fit the bookcases in and we brought home 25 boxes of  my family history (pictures, slides, 8 mm tape, etc.) which lead to an hour long discussion last night on how my husband thinks I might be a hoarder. 

I am fairly sure there are 678 discarded Goldfish in my backseat and it has been exactly a week since I've been to the gym.  Ever feel like your life is lived in numbers??

You don't even want to know the number of times we ate at McDonalds on this trip... *shudder*

Today, I might actually squeal with delight when I see the beautiful row of treadmills!  Especially since my 89 year old grandmother asked me if I was expecting number 3...because I "have a little belly"...and I AM NOT.  Therefore, today will be a sprint day.  

And then onto packing.  And putting stuff on Craigslist.  And planning a yard sale.


I shut down the Facebook portion of the blog - I know, after I just encouraged you to join!  It just got to be too much.  And I was getting ready to shut down the blog all together until I had three more wonderful people follow and make me feel all popular so I've decided not to make any drastic decisions until after the move.  Welcome to the roller coaster!

Hope you all are great!  If you have any words of encouragement or advice for selling furniture or a hankering to babysit, let me know!!


  1. Hey, don't shut down the blog! If you need to take a few weeks off until your life starts to fall back into a routine that makes sense, by all means, do so. But I know I'm not the only one who enjoys reading. It's good to feel connected to other moms who are going through some of the same things you are, and your blog provides that for me :) Just take a minute and breathe. And remember, when you are done moving, the empty cardboard boxes will entertain your kids for hours!

  2. Wow, I'm tired just reading about your life lately! Don't shut down the blog -- we'll still be here when your life gets back to normal! (As if there's any such thing...)