Monday, January 18, 2010

Elizabeth Rose - All Around the House

I am so thankful for the now 50 degree and sunny weather!  Quite a change from what we had a couple weeks ago when my daughter and I were trapped inside the house because it was just so darn cold!  So I thought I would provide a sampling of my daughter's daily activities...

This is "lucky" the rocking horse that sings.  She can't get up in the saddle by herself yet, but she can squeeze his ear so the song plays...over and over and over and over...

Playing in the pop up tent...I'm not sure what's going on with her hair...And yes, that is a yellow highlighter in her hand.  I was paying bills and somehow, she claimed it.

Playing the piano for Mommy.  Ah, we thank the Cash family daily for this wonderful gift!

Well, we attempted coloring, but mostly, she just likes the book because it's Sesame Street.  I won't let her play with the crayons without me because I am not in the mood to paint this rental house before we move.

Reading books with her daddy!  He bought her that t-shirt, by the way.

Not in the mood to pose with Mommy...

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  1. Jayna got a pop-up tent for Christmas this past year and spent the whole first day she had it inside of it. I loved it. Too bad the older kids demolished it for her.