Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our little girl is one!

I'm not sure if Elizabeth will ever appreciate me doing a blog to record the events of her life.  It will probably be outdated once she's old enough to read it.  But I hope it keeps our family and friends updated on her progress.  That, and it may keep the print journalism major in me active. 

We spent Elizabeth's first birthday in Las Vegas, also celebrating Aunt Anessa's wedding.  She had quite a lunch spread.  Her grammie made her turkey and macaroni and cheese (her favorite!).  There was salad and hamburgers and crab dip.  Unfortunately, we ran into the afternoon nap time and also a major case of the crabbies.  We attempted to get her to smash cake and she did...right into her eye...and screamed.  After a two hour nap, all was cured!

At one, we are so proud of our baby girl...sorry, our big girl now.  She can walk and tries to run but always ends up going at an angle and crashing.  She loves the doggies...they are not too sure about her.  Her vocabulary is...well, it's hers.  She says mama and dada, dog, book, duCK (sounds like it's German with an -ech on the end!), "all done", up and down and I love you (I la la).  She loves her books...especially when they are all over the floor.  Lately, she runs to the door when her daddy gets home from work and I see my big husband melt.  She gives the best open mouth kisses.  She loves anything with cheese and salt...she is not crazy about sweets.  I still wonder if she is my child.  
This year has been such a blessing.  It seems like Scott and I look at each other at the end of every year and say, "This was the best year yet."  And the past one is no different.  It's funny how having a baby changes you.  Who would have thought we would have both gotten out of coaching?!  Our lives are completely different and we have never felt more blessed.


  1. I sure miss you all. I wish you the best, give Elizabeth a kiss for me. Looking forward to seeing you next week.

  2. I'm sure you loved coaching softball, and no doubtedly awesome at it! But there is no true joy greater than that of having your own baby/children. I love reading about your adventures as a mommy. It's uplifting and inspires me to keep going as a mommy as well.